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Feb 18, 2013 6:30pm PST
obama ,s r ,serÍa rechazado , el congres t congresista , dijo que era co r contraproducente si el pb presidente barack obama vien3 a maÑ maÑana al cpongreso y dice est e es mi propuesta los congresistas republicanos ,de la cÁmara de e representantes dirÁn que no y se acÁba toda la discusion crearia una visa para indocumentados que ya viven en el paÍs pasarian al menpos 8 aÑos destina mÁs rec o recursos y un sistema para ve verificar que una sopersona esÀ autorizada para trabajar son s similares el senador demÓcrat dijo hyablar con el senador r rubio y dijo que aÚn estÀ com o comprometido ween trasbabajar a wa washington , lory montenegro l telemundo en lo que se logrÉ una reforma migratoria muchos in indocumentados , viviran en las somvbras en el condado en ca carolina del norte sddonde un la carolina del norte donde un 1po 1bcarolina del norte donde un 1lcarolina del norte donde un 11Ç , el alguacil en arizona que se hizo famoso por el maltrato d de los indocumentados , se ha o convertido ene el terror de lo i inmigrantes indocumentados ae l alfgucail es una c
Feb 18, 2013 11:30pm EST
turn to pbs for by contributions to yr pbs station from: sthe items i purchased was a pastel of trouts. it's oval with a lovely frame that has a beautiful wood burl. to me, it seems like it had to be in an antique shop. i am getting ready to open a new shop, and i want to make a point for it to appeal to men as well as to women. fish definitely work for men, as a rule. i s apve hrypy with the price i got. sold $130 on my left, buyer 203, 203. i purchased a number of things. one thing i really like is this very cool silver-nickel stocking form. i went online to do some research and get a feel for pricing, and just really couldn't find anything like it. i would hang it on a wall, but what i intend to do is resell it. often, the more traditional items sell well here, and some of the funkier stuff doesn't always get as many bids, but i think i'll do well with it. it's a sweet little miniature basket. it's 20th century, it's really nice, well designed. look at the swirled kind of design on that top cover. it's kind of like almost bent around a little bit. it fans out like a sun ray. it's re
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2